• Sustainability
  • Recyclable materials
  • Longer lifespan
  • The Anker signature

Anker ONE®

Because you have a choice

There is only one planet earth. For now and for future generations. So we have to be careful with it. As a leading furniture manufacturer, Het Anker takes the lead and presents the Anker ONE® collection. Sustainable where possible, by using recycled or recyclable materials. With replaceable covers that extend the life of your sofa or chairs enormously. But with the unmistakable Anker signature. Stylish and contemporary, sleek or sturdy.

The Anker ONE® collection. Because you have a choice.

Produced in a sustainable manner

The Anker One® collection is produced in a sustainable manner with respect for people and nature. Every model from the Anker One® collection is provided with a “Sustainability Passport”. This specifies the sustainability of the various components and indicates a total score. At a glance it is clear which sustainability criteria the article meets.

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